Vintage VIP Awkwardness

May 10, 2018

The Preshaah and Frosty are at London's Vintage car boot sale having a right ol' time gorping at all the stylish, timeless stuff.


We discuss:

- What makes you feel awkward?

- The results of last podcast's poll about tipping

- Shouting at children

- Who is better at haggling?

- And what exactly is vintage?


Oh, and we have an extra special guest on the show...the one and only Wayne Hemmingway MBE!


Fashion Week Frolicking

February 19, 2018

The Preshaah and Frosty are at a swanky place in Picadilly Circus for London Fashion week asking the important questions that all the cool kids are asking:

- What gets your goat?

- Should you tip?

- Is The Preshaah a replicant?

- Would you take a dead man's socks?

- Can George Clooney and Jack Black atone for their sins and save the world?

Get your handbags ready as Frosty reveals his shocking goat getting issue. Do you agree? Listen to find out what it is and join in the poll on Twitter.

Thanks to @CommuteClub, @ThemeParkFilms, @RoughGiraffePod, @DFireCinema, @WooLongTalks, @QueensotMillAge and to our special guest @LiamMYoung for joining in.

Let us know what gets your goat and you could be featured on our next show. You can contact us at:

Twitter: @preshaah_frosty



Christmas Studio Shenanigans

December 11, 2017

Join The Preshaah and Frosty at the trendy Hoxton Radio studios where they discuss all things Christmas.

Will Frosty be overwhelmed by recording in a professional studio as opposed to the great outdoors?

Will The Preshaah put Frosty at ease?

Will we ever get an answer to, 'When is it cold?'

Find the answer to all these questions and more, including a live broadcast in the cold by listening to our Christmas special.


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Graveyard Musings

October 27, 2017

The Preshaah and Frosty pull up a pew in a park, surrounded by gravestones. Yes, it's a cemetery but don't let that put you off!

Taking a different slant, enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness of the cemetery while The Preshaah and Frosty discuss world changing matters such as: clearing out the attic; celebrity lookalikes; aging with style and the effects the full moon has on the human body.

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Autumnal Lake Botherings

October 27, 2017

In an unprecedented move, The Preshaah and Frosty have recorded more than one podcast in a year!

Join them by the lake as they brave Storm Brian, discussing important topics such as; when is it cold; what do you like about the Autumn and what are you looking forward to most about Christmas?

There is also some top-notch "content" including, 'The Psychopath Test' and 'Gadget News'.

You can also win a bag of posh coffee if your correspondance meets the mark.

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We'd love to hear your opinions and we'll be back for another (yes, another!) show before Christmas.

Chow for now!