The Show with The Preshaah and Frosty

Lock It Down For The Lockdown 01

April 6, 2020

The Preshaah and Frosty are back with their first podcast of the year!


For the first time, The Preshaah and Frosty are recording remotely from Reading to Cornwall!


Today's podcast includes some classic features such as:

-What Gets Your Goat?

-Gadget News

-And lots of other wiffle waffle


Since we're in the lockdown, The Preshaah and Frosty are going to be recording more podcasts on a regular basis so we're looking for lots of listeners input.


We want to know:

-What gets you goat?

-What have you eaten?

-How are you managing to stay fit?

-What good telly have you been watching?


Drop us a line at Preshaah_frosty on twitter to get in contact